Our milk

Unique milk has a unique home





Mountain farmers


Conventional farmers


Organic farmers


As a cooperative, we belong completely to our farmers. It goes without saying that we value respect and their right to have a say. Likewise we insist on the fair, above-average milk prices offered to our farmers.

In a ten-year comparison, we pay the highest milk prices in Germany.


Why fair milk prices are important to us.


  • We provide stability for small-scale family farms whose operations may be a main or secondary business.
  • Our farmers make a crucial contribution to preserving the cultural landscape.
  • The workload is considerably higher in mountainous region.
  • Our farmers take active steps to protect drinking water.
  • Our farmers ensure strong animal health.



Berchtesgadener Land






Salzburger Land


Tölzer Land




Werdenfelser Land


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Guarantee of origin

We guarantee that our milk comes only from farms in our cooperative. These lie along the northern Alpine ridge between the Watzmann and Zugspitze mountains.

All of our speciality milk is processed at our only production facility in Piding. We do not outsource production.


What makes our home region stand out.


  • A unique natural and cultural landscape, excellent for rest and recreation.
  • 140 mountain pastures under cultivation with unique biodiversity (29 species per 25 sq m).
  • Home of Berchtesgaden National Park.
  • Home of the Berchtesgaden Biosphere Reserve.
  • Home to three award-winning "mountaineering villages" that comply with the Alpine Convention.



Cow stable comfort courses


Free range bonuses for more exercise


Supporting homoeopathy courses


Natural rock salt as a natural mineral feed





On average, our farmers keep



Our cows produce


litres of milk per year on average *

* whereas a high-yield cow gives about 12,000 litres a year

Animal welfare is the key factor for the best dairy products.


  • In a way, you could say that cows are our most important employees. Healthy cows are crucial when it comes to milk quality.
  • Our farmers look after only a small number of animals, which means they can provide intensive, individual care.
  • The basic feed is natural and appropriate for each species. Grass may be fresh in the meadow, cut in the stable or preserved as hay or silage.
  • To give the cattle more exercise, we support our farmers with a team of advisers and a bonus system.



Farmer inspections


Audits and certification


Certified raw materials


Laboratory quality control


No genetic engineering


No glyphosate


After drinking water, milk is the foodstuff subject to the strictest controls. From milking to bottling, milk is examined at a microbiological level and for nutrients during each stage of processing.

Milk of the best quality – guaranteed.


  • We are organic pioneers for Demeter and Naturland milk, leading the way in the mountain farm milk segment.
  • We make sure that each type of milk is collected and processed separately by following elaborate logistical and production processes.
  • What is inside our packaging is exactly what is promised on the outside – guaranteed.


What makes good milk
Milk and lactose intolerance
Enjoy without hesitation

Milk contains nutrients that the body needs each day: vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including

vitamins A, B1, B2, D, potassium, magnesium, iodine and calcium


The natural feed provides valuable nutrients and a good flavour. For example, the milk of cows that graze on mountain pastures and meadows contains a higher proportion of healthy omega-three fatty acids, linoleic acids, vitamins and minerals.

A daily source of energy.


  • Made from the best milk in the mountain and Alpine region without preservatives or binding agents.
  • Gentle processing that maintains high quality.
  • Calcium in milk for strong bones and teeth.
  • High-quality milk protein for muscle strength.